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Set Goals and Learn


Passport Language School in Arequipa, Peru uses goal-oriented language learning taught by professionals. 

Whether you are traveling through South America, volunteering with a non-profit, or you've moved to Peru and are working professionally, our language learning approach will help you meet your goals.

Passport Language School will draw up a course of study just for you. Whether your goal is conversational proficiency, specializing in a specific area of the language, or achieving native fluency—we'll get you there. You'll start off with a brief placement test after which we'll pair you with two of our professional language instructors. We're happy to work with you to improve your Spanish proficiency, no matter what level you're at.



Start from scratch


Build on a foundation


Refine your skills


Private, one-on-one lessons (in person, or online!):

This is our most popular language learning track and offers the most customizability. If learning Spanish is your full-time job, we recommend 4-hour days, 5 days a week. Each day you will study grammar and vocabulary for two hours with one instructor, and conversation and culture for two hours with another. At the end of each week you'll go back over your goals with your teachers and make any adjustments necessary for the following week.

Not in Peru? No problem! Start your language learning before making your trip with our incredible teachers. 

The cost is only 20 soles (about $6.60 USD) per hour.  That's just 400 soles (less than $135 USD) for full-time, private lessons! Sign me up.

Group classes:

We offer specialized group classes, such as medical Spanish, Peruvian culture and slang, and other activities semi-regularly. Please check our calendar for a schedule of upcoming activities. If you're traveling with a group, we'll be happy to set up a special group class that is tailored to meet your group's goals.

The cost for group classes is 15 soles ($5 USD) per person per hour. 

Yes, I learned grammar and vocabulary.
But they taught me the city and culture as well—and how to thrive within it.
— PLS Alum

Immersion Homestay

Put your language learning to the test outside the classroom. There's no faster way to learn.

The language immersion homestay is meant to complement a full-time language school program. We'll pair you with a friendly Peruvian family with whom you can practice what you're learning. Eat breakfast and lunch with your family and share family outings to the market. The homestay is an opportunity to dive deeper into culture, which is the backbone of all languages. 

Whether you're a beginner and communication is a constant game of charades, or you speak Spanish fairly well and want your classroom knowledge to be put to the test, our immersion homestay is the option for you.

The cost for a homestay is $100 USD per week for one person and $160 USD per week for a couple. This includes breakfast and lunch, as well as a nighttime tea (Peruvians typically eat a large, late lunch and only have tea and bread at night). 

If you’re trying to make language learning your full-time job, there’s nothing like the homestay, where your host family does the shopping and cooking for you.

You’ll make mistakes. It’s incredible to get to make mistakes in a friendly context while a whole family is rooting for you to get it right.
— Jeremy, PLS Student

Ready to Book?

Whether you need more information or are ready to reserve your spot, please get in touch with us. Offering this kind of customized approach to each individual who comes through our school means that we have limited openings. We will do all we can to ensure you have the best language learning experience possible. Come and visit!


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